Clothing and Accessories


• Slacks/shorts: two or three pairs in lightweight, fast-drying synthetic or cotton

• Long-sleeved shirts (for sun protection) in lightweight synthetic or cotton, light colors

• Cotton sweater, fleece jacket or light windbreaker for cool mornings and evenings

• Shoes: one pair rubber-soled, non-slip boat shoes. We and the lodge management highly recommend that all those who plan to wade wear wading shoes with a rigid sole. In some areas around Boca Paila there are saltwater lice that can be bothersome although they are harmless. Long pants tucked into wading shoes will alleviate this problem.

• Fishing hat: should have long front visor with a dark under bill (enhances polarizing qualities of sunglasses) and it must shade face, neck and ears.

• Sunscreen: It is very important that waterproof sunscreen with at least SPF 30 be applied to all exposed skin including your lips. Remember that the sun reflecting off the water can burn your face even if you wear a wide-brimmed hat.

• Buff or bandana for face protection.

• Rain gear: lightweight, breathable jacket and pants (optional) for the occasional shower


Fishing Accessories Checklist

• Waterproof boat bag

• Polarized sunglasses: two pair with brown, copper or amber lenses are indispensable for seeing fish.

• Clippers for cutting monofilament

• Needlenose pliers / forceps

• Fly line dressing

• Hook sharpener

• Pocketknife

• Small towel for wiping hands



• Scales

• Adhesive tape

• Knot book

• Fly tying equipment

• Zip-loc bags — large and small

• Knot tool

• Tape measure

• Reel grease



• Pocketsize digital camera with charger and waterproof case

• Insect repellent

• Snorkel, mask and fins

• Medications you may require

• First-aid kit

• Small flashlight

• Travel alarm clock

• Bathing suit

• Sandals